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Deutsches Eck

Local name: Deutsches Eck

Deutsches Eck is an artificially built headland at the mouth of the Moselle river to the Rhine. The site has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2002. On its territory there is a vast square and a monumental equestrian statue of the German emperor and co-creator of the Second Reich - Wilhelm I Hohenzollern. At the top of the monument there is a viewing terrace resembling the bow of a ship. The square hosts numerous cultural events, including outdoor concerts and festivals.

Monument to emperor Wilhelm I Hohenzollern was built in the second half XIX century and has a height of 37 meters. The author of the design was the German architect Bruno Schmitz.

The name Deutsches Eck comes from Deutschherrenhaus - the no longer existing building complex, which was erected in this area by the Teutonic Knights at the beginning of the 14th century.


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