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number 54 in the city

Berger Street

Local name: Berger Straße

Berger Street connects the city center with the Seckbach district and is the longest shopping street in Frankfurt. This main pedestrian street of Bornheim is a kingdom of shopping, services and entertainment. On the almost three-kilometer route there are numerous fashion boutiques, service premises and stores of local entrepreneurs. A multitude of pubs and restaurants encourage you to spend time away from the hustle and bustle.

Every Wednesday and Friday Berger turns into a climate market full of fresh food and local products. Fairs, fairs and street festivals, including annual wine festival - Bornheimer Weinfest.

Under the Berger street the U4 metro line has been operating since 1980. Its tunnels in both directions of travel are located one above the other, not next to each other as in the other underground lines. The creation of the unconventional design was caused by the narrow width of the street.


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    Berger Straße Frankfurt am Main , Germany