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Bethmann park

Local name: Bethmannpark

Bethmann Park has an area of over 3 ha and since the second half Of the 20th century is entered in the register of monuments. The area impresses with a variety of ornamental plants and lush flower beds. The park's jewel is a Chinese garden created from original imported elements. Pavilions with pagodas, a small bridge and a pond with water lilies and lotus rock were designed in accordance with the principles of Feng Shui harmony theory.

The style of the park changed adequately to the prevailing fashion, starting from the rococo through the English landscape garden to historicism. Currently, the area functions as a show and educational garden for lovers of flowers and plants.

The name of the park comes from the name of the German merchant and banker Johann Philipp Bethmann, who in 1783 became the owner of the garden. During many years of the park's existence, King Frederick William III of Prussia, Napoleon Bonaparte and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe walked along his paths. In 1941 the area became the property of Frankfurt.


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