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Church of Our Lady

Local name: Liebfrauenkirche

The Church of Our Lady was built in several stages over the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. This historic Gothic temple today serves as the monastery church of the Capuchin Brothers and the rector church. Its interior impresses with remnants of medieval and baroque equipment. A characteristic feature of the building is the 15th-century stone bas-relief above the Three Kings portal by Madern Gerthener.

Initially, the building served as a family chapel, which in 1344 was expanded to a hall church with three naves. The performance of the high choir designed by Jörg Östereicher completed the work on the temple. In the second half In the 18th century, the style of the church was partly changed to baroque. The building was completely destroyed during the bombing during World War II. The restaurant of the facility ended in the second half. Of the 20th century.

The most important church music events have been taking place in the church since 2008. The reason is the phenomenal organs of Karl Göckel, which perfectly sound both works from the period of German Romanticism and the French symphonic style.


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