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Epiphany church

Local name: Dreikönigskirche

The Church of the Epiphany is a neo-Gothic Evangelical temple, whose history dates back to the fourteenth century. The current building was erected in the second half Of the 19th century according to the design of the architect Franz Josef Denzinger. The church's showcase is the 81-meter tower, which during construction was the second tallest building in the city. The original baroque interior and the unique stained glass window by Charles Crodel delight the eyes of visitors.

Hospital chapel consecrated in the first half The fourteenth century gave way to the present temple only in 1875. The church suffered minor injuries during the World War II bombing. Its renovation was completed in 1954.

The church is used as one of the three buildings of the Three Kings parish - the largest Protestant parish in Frankfurt. Outstanding representatives of church music were associated with the church - cantor Kurt Thomas and organist Helmut Walcha.


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    Dreikönigsstraße 3060594 Frankfurt am Main , Germany