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number 60 in the city

Große Bockenheimer Street

Local name: Große Bockenheimer Straße

Freßgass is a local term for a pedestrian zone in the city center covering Kalbächer Gasse and Große Bockenheimer. It is now recognized as the most important gastronomy center in Frankfurt. Visitors can choose among a huge number of restaurants and cafes, while in luxury delicatessen stores get to know the sophistication of their palate.

Currently, the word Freßgass is on the official boards of both streets and literally means 'Zaułek Żarcia'. The name was given around 1900, when a nearly 200-meter section of the street was characterized by a huge density of bakeries, grocery and butcher shops as well as traditional catering outlets.

The traffic on Freßgass was in force until 1977. The artistic features of the current promenade are given by the sculpture 'Fett Gret' by the German artist Willi Schmidt and the fountain by Inge Hagner.


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