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Museum of Communication

Local name: Museum für Kommunikation

The Museum of Communications was opened in 1958 and is the oldest museum on the banks of the Menu. The object is dedicated to the history of development and dissemination of various communication methods in the history of humanity. The museum's collections allow to trace the way as modern information society has gone, from cuneiform writing, via telegraph and telephone, to e-mail.

Initially, the facility operated as the National Postal Museum and was owned by Deutsche Bundespost. The name change was associated with moving to a new building in 1990. The author of the design of the modern glass building was architect Günter Behnisch.

One of the museum's biggest attractions is a faithful copy of the Voyager Golden Record. The gold discs contain information designed to show the diversity of life and cultures on Earth, and their target audience is potential extraterrestrial intelligence. The carriers were placed on two probes and launched by NASA in 1977.


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