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Movie museum

Local name: Filmmuseum

The German Film Museum was opened in the second half of the year. Of the 20th century and is devoted to the medium of film. This unusual place allows for intensive study of the beginnings of the film, its development and direction of changes in the future. During the tour, cinema lovers can get answers to bothering questions: how cinema was 'invented', what the director's vision is, and what is telling stories using film images.

Part of the permanent exhibition are also short documentary productions screened in a small cinema. The museum also houses one of the first city cinemas, which presents historical and experimental films. Lectures and discussion panels are also carried out. To make the exhibition more attractive, temporary exhibitions are organized devoted to the life and work of outstanding filmmakers, including Stanley Kubrick.

The facility is located in a historic villa reconstructed according to the design of the German architect Helge Bofinger. The interior design was done by the Berlin stage designer Jan Schlubach.


Attractions inside

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