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Botanical Garden

Local name: Botanischer Garten

The botanical garden covers an area of over 8 ha. The area is open to visitors from spring to autumn. The facility presents over 5000 types of garden plants. In addition to native Central European flora, the area impresses with the presence of Mediterranean and North American species. A healing garden and a collection of endangered species are of great interest.

The first botanical garden was founded in the second half. Of the 18th century by the Senckenberg Foundation under the direction of Dr. Johann Christian Senckenberg. Initially it was at the Eschenheimer tower, then near the Palm Garden. The current area at Siesmayerstraße was developed in 1931. Both garden moves were caused by lack of space or an increase in air pollution.

For centuries, the garden belonged to Johann Wolfgang Goethe University. Since 2012, the property is owned by the city of Frankfurt and part of the Palm Garden.


Attractions inside

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    Siesmayerstraße 7260323 Frankfurt am Main , Germany