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Korean Garden

Local name: Koreanischer Garten

The Korean Garden has an area of over 0.40 ha and is located in the Grüneburg Park. The composition was created as part of South Korea's guest participation in the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2005. The garden is an allegorical reflection of the four seasons. Two impressive buildings: the 'morning dew pavilion' and the 'plum pavilion' together with the surrounding ponds are the perfect place for spiritual rest, convalescence and meditation.

This unique gift was designed in the style of a traditional garden of Korean scholars, which since the 16th century served as a shelter for artists and intellectuals. The structure of the composition refers to the Far Eastern philosophy, which can be seen even in the selection of plants - occurring pines, plums and bamboo trees are a symbol of long life in them. Only original materials were used in the construction and organization of the garden.


Attractions inside

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    Im Grüneburgpark 60323 Frankfurt am Main , Germany