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Old St Nicholas Church

Local name: Alte Nicolaikirche

Old church Nicholas is the only medieval and oldest Protestant parish church in Frankfurt. For a long time this late-Gothic temple was used as a warehouse. Currently, the facility serves as the European Ecumenical Center. The symbol of the church is the carillon. The 47-bell instrument sounds three times a day soothing the ears of passers-by.

The building was built at the turn of the 11th and 12th century as a royal chapel. The tower was erected in the 13th century, while the current appearance is the result of a 15th century reconstruction. The temple was also known as the Council Chapel. The church is one of the few buildings in the city center that survived bombing intact during World War II.

Inside the temple you can enjoy unique Romanesque epitaphs. Two colorful tombstones are dedicated to the mayor Zygfryd and his wife Katarzyna, who died in the first half Fourteenth century. Their author was Madern Gerthener.


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