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North Holland is the province of the country most visited by tourists. This is mainly due to the city located in its area - Amsterdam. The province is famous for its canals and windmills, as well as for its huge tulip cultivation.

The region occupies the western part of the country, both on land and the large island of Texel. It is a popular summer vacation destination, with nice sandy beaches. On the island you can also see sandy dunes and coastal wetlands inhabited by large colonies of birds.

Contrary to appearances, the capital of North Holland is not Amsterdam, but Haarlem. It is a picturesque city with medieval buildings and many art museums, which is also the center of tulip bulbs trade.

Amsterdam is definitely better known among tourists, with its canals and the magnificent Rijksmuseum. In the local gallery you can see the works of leading Dutch painters, including Rembrandt. There are also popular entertainment districts.

Popular tourist destinations in North Holland include the Windmill Open-air Museum, Zaanseschans in Zaandam and Alkmaar, which houses one of the country's largest cheese markets.

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  • Dam Square
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    Dam Square

  • Grote Markt
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    Grote Markt

  • New Market
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    New Market

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