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DEN HELDERNetherlands

Dutch Navy Museum

Local name: Marinemuseum

Marinemuseum, or maritime museum is an institution founded in the 1960s. It was located in the old Royal Shipyard, known as Willemsoord. The three most interesting and largest exhibits are the minesweeper Abraham Crijssen from World War II, the submarine Tonijn (Tuna) and the 19th-century wooden ship Scorpio.

The interactive permanent exhibitions show the development of the Dutch navy from the 15th to the 21st century. The exhibition presents not only the development of the fleet itself, but the impact of the navy on other industries in the Netherlands. The second permanent exhibition is an interactive, young audience oriented presentation of the work of dockers and the shipbuilding process. The presentation is a tribute to generations of shipyard workers, illustrated by the private stories of many of them.

The beginning of the collection and the museum itself was the transfer to the public of private collections of Admiral De Vos van Steenwijk. Exhibit resources were developed based on subsequent donations and gradual takeover of equipment being withdrawn from use in the Royal Navy.


Attractions inside

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