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Den Helder is a coastal city and port on the Marsdiep strait. It is a convenient base for the island of Texel in the West Frisian archipelago. Its biggest attraction is the Maritime Museum, which consists of several institutions.

Due to its location, Den Helder has been the main naval headquarters of the Netherlands for centuries. Every year in July, the National Fleet Days are celebrated here, during which modern warships are presented. On the other hand, you can learn about the history of the navy and the Netherlands' relationship with the sea in the museum's facilities. These are the Dutch Naval Museum, the Dorus Rijkers National Rescue Museum, the Willemsrood Transport Fleet Museum, as well as the Tonjin submarine or the Scorpio wooden warship.

The city was also fortified in the past, both from the sea and the land. In Fort Kijkduin, which has survived to this day, you can see the life of the soldiers and the methods of defense. There is also a marine aquarium showcasing the wildlife of the North Sea and the Wadden Sea.

The vicinity of Den Helder offers tourists great opportunities to spend time actively. This is where the North Sea meets the Wadden Sea. Strong tides cause a large amount of sand to be deposited and the formation of beaches and dunes. The area around the town is under the protection of several reserves, where you can walk in the dunes. In the Valley of Heroes, apart from nature trails, there is also an ecological education center. A popular destination for walks is the Lange Jaap Lighthouse near the beach. In turn, children can take advantage of the attractions of the Climbing Valley BV and the indoor playground Ballorig.

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