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DEN HELDERNetherlands

Fort Kijkduin

Local name: Fort Kijkduin

Kijkduin Fort houses a military fort museum and an aquarium located in a maze of underground tunnels. It was the first aquarium in the Netherlands, where visitors could go through a 12-meter underwater tunnel where you can see what is happening under the sea. The subject of the tanks focuses on the conditions prevailing in the North Sea and the Wadden Sea (the fort lies at the point where they meet).

The fort was built in 1811-1813 by Spanish prisoners of war on the order of Napoleon. When visiting the fortress you can its history, as well as the history of other fortresses from the area of Den Helder. You can also visit the powder magazine, where over 6 tons of gunpowder were stored. The second gunpowder warehouse and square contain various types of cannons and cannons from 1850. Almost all are still working, and one is often used at weddings that take place in the fortress.


Attractions inside

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