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The Dutch Fortress Museum

Local name: Het Nederlands Vestingmuseum

The Dutch Fortress Museum is located within the 17th-century fortress at Naarden. It is divided into several sectors. Located in the open air, the outdoor section presents a fortress, defensive walls and canals, as well as artillery from various periods. The underground part houses a collection depicting the lives of soldiers stationed in the fortress. Historical reconstructions are also held here.

The exhibits gathered at the Dutch Fortress Museum make up a high-quality historical collection on artillery, Naarden history and military history. The collections mainly cover the period from 1350 to 1965. In addition to Naarden itself, you can also learn about the history of Dutch fortress buildings erected in the overseas territories belonging to the Republic and the Kingdom.

Naarden Fortress has a star shape typical for this type of object. Nearby is the 19th-century Promers Bastion, which is not part of the museum, but houses interesting old casemates. In the former hospital there are restaurants and shops.


Attractions inside

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