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Antwerp is one of the most attractive cities in Belgium in terms of tourism. There is the historic Old Town with a monumental Renaissance town hall and the largest cathedral in Belgium dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Antwerp is located on the Skalda River and is one of the largest seaports in Europe. It has developed since the Middle Ages as an important trade and craft center. The oldest building preserved in the city to this day is the 12th century Steen Castle standing on the bank of Skalda. In its vicinity extends the Old Town full of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque tenement houses. The most famous is undoubtedly the house in which Peter Paul Rubens lived and which today houses his museum with a collection of paintings.

The Old Town is centered around the UNESCO-listed Grote Markt, i.e. the Market Square, whose dominant building is the Renaissance, monumental town hall which is still the seat of the city authorities. In the streets, many of which are turned into pedestrian streets today, you can find numerous restaurants, cafes and bars. You can get to the huge Cathedral of St. Mary with gothic shape and decorations from different periods. Another well-known temple of Antwerp is the church of St. Piotr with a Gothic shape and a very rich baroque decor.

The Zurenborg district is of a completely different character, dominated by the Art Nouveau buildings from the early 20th century and the Meir shopping street with the historic Stadsfeestzaal shopping center, the oldest in Antwerp, with a glass roof. The city's attractions also include the train station, often called the cathedral due to its size and splendor.

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