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Castle Den Brandt

Local name: Kasteel Den Brandt

Kasteel Den Brandt is a building in the style of late Classicism, which was founded in 1790 on the site of a destroyed medieval castle. It is surrounded by a park of several hectares, which has been open to the public since 1911. The castle can be visited, but also rented for various events, company and wedding parties.

Among the park buildings stands out a round stone fountain with a centrally located "Nymph Dance" - a sculptural composition of the German artist Walter Schott. The work was purchased by Albert Kreglinger (1874-1953), director of the G. & C. Kreglinger trading company, who in 1910 came into possession of the castle and park.

Kasteel Den Brandt's ground floor occupies a spacious hall with a fireplace made of red marble and wood. The staircase leading to the first floor, made of oak, is maintained in the style of Louis XVI. Of the private rooms, a boudoir with a white marble fireplace and ceiling painting deserves special attention.


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