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Rubens House

Local name: Rubenshuis

Rubenshuis, or the house of Rubens, is the former home and studio of the famous Dutch painter Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640. Currently, it houses an art museum, which includes ten works by Rubens himself (including "Self-Portrait", "Henry IV" at the Battle of Ivry, Adam and Eve in Paradise, Annunciation) and numerous paintings of his students and other great painters of the 16th and 17th centuries, including Antony van Dyck, Adriaen Brouwer and Willem van Haecht.

The house consists of two parts: a bourgeois tenement house and a studio. Rubens acquired the property in 1611, two years after marrying Isabella Brant. The painter expanded the tenement house according to his own designs, modeled on Italian architecture. He also founded a library, which was one of the largest in the then Antwerp.

In 1937, the building was bought by the city authorities and after a thorough renovation in 1946, made it available for visitors. The garden was also carefully restored, based on its image recorded by Rubens in the painting "A walk through the garden of love".


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