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number 2 in the city


Local name: Atomium

The monumental building presents a model of the iron crystal, enlarged 165 billion times. It consists of 9 balls, symbolizing atoms, connected by pipes, in which there are escalators. In the highest sphere there is a viewing platform. The entire structure is 103 m high and made of steel and aluminum.

Only some balls are available for sightseeing. There are permanent and temporary exhibitions devoted mainly to digital art. There is also a restaurant with panoramic city views and a children's area. At the foot of the building there is a gift shop and a tourist information office.

The Atomium was built on the occasion of the World Exhibition in Brussels in 1958, also known as EXPO-58. It was a symbol of the then scientific and technical achievements. It was built according to the design of the engineer André Waterkeyn and two brothers-architects, André and Jean Poles.


Attractions inside

    Atomium map
    Square de l'Atomium 1020 Brussels , Belgium