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Train World

Local name: Train World

The largest railway museum in Belgium is located in the historic railway station - Schaarbeek Station. It presents something more than a collection of rail vehicles. It is also an interactive exhibition where you can find information about the development of the railway. One of the most important objects in the museum is the oldest locomotive in continental Europe - "Pays de Waes" from 1842.

Train World is housed in two buildings - the monumental Schaarbeek railway station from the turn of the 20th century and the modern building next to it. Both objects are connected with each other by an outdoor esplanade. The new part of the facility presents the most valuable items from the collection, which are arranged in four rooms.

The first one has five steam engines, and interactive panels show the evolution of the Belgian rail network. In the second hall, we will learn three types of rail vehicle propulsion - steam, diesel and electric. There is, for example, a steam locomotive type 12 from 1939. In the next room there is an authentic railway hut preserved in its original place, and the entire museum was built around it. The last hall presents several mythical trains. One of them is the luxurious Trans Europ Express.


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