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Belfry of Ghent

Local name: Belfort van Gent

Belfort is a 91 m high Belfry of Ghent, which served as observation functions, and bells warned of impending danger. Currently, it is the best vantage point in the city, from which you can admire in all its glory, among others the church Nicholas and the cathedral of St. Bavo. The tower is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Construction of the belfry began in 1313. From 1377, it was called the Dragon Tower because of the large-size gilded dragon placed there (today you can see a copy of it) - a symbolic guard of city privileges. Already in 1325, the Roland alarm bell was installed in Belfort, also used as an hour bell. The need to send various sound signals meant that the tower installed a carillon consisting of 53 bells, which still exists today.

Belfort belfry was completed in 1442 and took over the functions of a watchtower and observation point, which in front of it was the highest tower of the nearby church of St. Michael.


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