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Antwerp City Hall

Local name: Stadhuis van Antwerpen

Stadhuis, i.e. the town hall is a Renaissance building with baroque elements erected in 1561-1564 according to the design of the architect Cornelis Floris De Vriendt. The town hall was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The building can be viewed from the outside - the interiors, which as centuries ago were the seat of the city authorities, are available only a few times a year for the celebration of city holidays.

In the niches on the clock tower there are three figures: the impersonation of Justice, Lady Prudentia (prudence) and the highest Virgin Mary. The place of the last figure was originally occupied by Brabo - the image of the legendary founder of Antwerp. It was removed by the Jesuits in 1587.

Twelve years after the construction of the city hall, Antwerp was attacked by dejected Spanish soldiers. The building was set on fire, fire destroyed the roof and the interior. The renovation began two years after the fire in 1578.


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