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Royal Palace of Brussels

Local name: Palais de Bruxelles

The Royal Palace functions as the residence of Belgian kings and government. This majestic building is not, however, the home of a Belgian royal family, it only has a representative role. The facility is open to visitors. You can admire artistic collections, sophisticated interiors and ceremonial halls.

The large, massive building dates back to the 18th century. Earlier a different palace stood here, but in 1731 it burned down completely. After the unification of the Netherlands and Belgium in 1815, King William I began rebuilding the castle, which acquired a new neoclassical facade. Successive rulers expanded the building and accumulated wealth in it, including precious furniture, works of art, and unique services made of silver, porcelain and crystal.

Inside, it is worth seeing the Mirror Room, in which over one million beetle shells were used to decorate the ceiling. The Throne Room and the Celebration Hall surprise with their dimensions and huge bronze and crystal chandeliers. The nineteenth-century Imperial Hall serves as a ballroom, in which you can admire 11 golden flower pots, each of which symbolizes one of the 11 Belgian provinces.


Attractions inside

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