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Magritte Museum

Local name: Musée Magritte

The museum collects the world's largest collection of the famous Belgian surreal master René Magritte. The rich collection of over 200 works by the artist is the largest in the world. This multidisciplinary facility has a large collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and billboards. Music scores, photos and films directed by the master himself can also be found here.

The artist's works were exhibited on three floors of the museum. They are arranged chronologically and interspersed with letters, photographs or other sources bringing the author's figure closer. Each floor represents a different part of Magritte's life and work, so you can see how his style has changed.

In the late 1920s, Rene Magritte began to question the traditional visual language, quickly becoming one of the main creators of surrealism in Belgium and abroad. Surrealism is an artistic movement that negated the assumptions of realism, classicism or empiricism. Artists following this movement created images that destroy the logical order of reality. Often these were grotesque visions, from the border between waking and sleeping, fantasies, hallucinations.


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    Rue de la Régence 31000 Brussels , Belgium