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Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula

Local name: Cathédrale des Sts Michel et Gudule

St. dedicated cathedral Michael and St. Guduli is a Gothic church located on the Treurenberg hill. The towers of this magnificent temple are almost as recognizable as the Paris Notre Dame. The object has many treasures worth seeing inside, including baroque statues of the apostles, monumental organs with 4300 pipes, or a decorative pulpit.

The building impresses with a stately facade, representing a typically Brabant Gothic style. The interior of the temple is soaring and spacious, hides many valuable monuments. We will see here, among others, a sculpture of the Mother of God the Liberator from the 16th century, a Renaissance altar of the Passion, or a chapel of the Miracle of the Blessed Sacrament, in the style of floral Gothic. The treasury has the famous Drahmal cross and a rich collection of relics, including St. Elizabeth, Saint. Agnieszka from Loyolla or Saint. John the Baptist.

The cathedral has an extremely long history of construction. The first church was built in the mid-eleventh century, and the construction of the cathedral began in the thirteenth century. The size of the undertaking is evidenced by the fact that it was completed almost 300 years later, in the 16th century. Thanks to this, apart from Gothic architecture, the temple also has Renaissance elements.


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