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Saint-Hubert Royal Galleries

Local name: Galeries Royales Saint Hubert

The Saint Hubert Gallery is a shopping arcade built in the nineteenth century in the style of the Italian Renaissance. It was covered with an impressive glass ceiling. Inside there are various types of restaurants and luxury stores where you can buy chocolates, laces, and even antique jewelry or products of famous designers.

The arcade consists of three parts: Galeria Królewska, Galeria Królewska and Galeria Książęca. The first two were separated by a colonnade located at the intersection of Rue des Bouchers and Beenhouwersstraat. Interestingly, the "simple perspective" is also interrupted in the same place. It is a deliberate procedure aimed at creating the impression of a long perspective.


Attractions inside

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    Rue des Bouchers 51000 Brussels , Belgium