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Brussels City Hall

Local name: Hôtel de Ville de Bruxelles

A spacious, ornate building located on the Grand Place. It is an example of the peak achievements of Brabant Gothic. From the very beginning of its existence, the Town Hall served its official function and to this day it is the administrative center of Brussels, and weddings are granted here on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

The building consists of three floors, each designed differently. The bottom are two rows of arcades with internal arcades, while the middle and top are rows of rectangular windows framed by ogival arcades. The facade of the town hall is characterized by its Gothic lightness. It is decorated with a gallery of densely arranged full-plastic figures depicting rulers and saints.

The building was built in the 15th century, but its original structure has not survived to the present. In the 17th century it was destroyed, and at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries it was rebuilt and expanded. During this time, two rear wings were erected, which gave the building the current quadrangular plan, with a courtyard inside. The building is distinguished by a soaring, 96-meter tower with a bell tower, which together with the east wing is the oldest part of the town hall.


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