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St. Jacob's Church

Local name: Sint-Jacobskerk

Sint-Jacobskerk, or the church of St. Jakub, is famous for the tomb of Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), in which the painter's wife and several other family members were also buried. They rest in the chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows, in whose altar the painting "Madonna among saints" was placed. This work was completed by Rubens, but shortly before his death he decided to place it in the family tomb.

Sint-Jacobskerk was built in the years 1491-1656. The building designed by Herman Waghemakere and his sons was to be the largest Gothic church in the world. The original, unrealized plan envisaged the construction of towers with a height of 150 m (currently they are about 50 m).

Many notable Antwerp residents are buried in the church. The tombstone of Don Francisco Marcos de Velasco y Alvear (1633-1693), commander of the Antwerp Citadel is considered to be the most interesting. The author of the wonderful sculptural composition is Pieter Scheemaecker I.



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