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Museum of Natural Sciences

Local name: Musée des sciences naturelles

A world-renowned research center covering a wide range of disciplines - from biology to geology, oceanography, paleontology and ecology. The Institute's scientists often use exhibits from the huge, over 37 million specimens, collections of the Royal Museum of Natural History of Belgium.

It was created by royal decree in 1846 and has many permanent exhibitions. In the Evolution Gallery we will learn the history of life on Earth from the first forms of primitive life to the appearance of people. The Dinosaur Gallery is the largest dinosaur exhibition in Europe. You can here, among others to see how Olorotitan died. Giant lizards - mosasaurs are in the Mosasaur Hall.

We will meet human evolution from Sahelantrop to Homo Sapiens in the Gallery of Humanity. BiodiverCITY houses specimens, films and interactive installations showing what biodiversity is in a city. The Mineral Room contains, among others tens of thousands of twin crystals, almost 140 meteorites, fluorescent minerals and a sample of moonstone. The Insect Hall is dedicated to all arthropods, and Shell Hall contains over a thousand species of shells and molluscs.


Attractions inside

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