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number 36 in the city

Cogels-Osylei Street

Local name: Straat Cogels-Osylei

Cogels-Osylei is a street outside the very center of Antwerp, which is unique on a European scale because of its buildings, consisting almost exclusively of palaces and lavish residences in various architectural styles. In the years 1894-1908 dozens of buildings were erected, which have survived to this day in virtually unchanged condition. Cogels-Osylei is the destination of all admirers and experts on architecture.

A straight, paved street was laid in 1887. Its construction was completed in 1894. Houses were erected next to it, which were immediately put up for sale or rent. The buildings were erected according to the designs of the best architects of the late 19th century.

The name of the street comes from the Cogels and Osa families who wanted to build industrial plants in these areas. Eventually, the company changed its profile and took up housing.


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    Cogels-Osylei 2600 Antwerp , Belgium