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Museum aan de Stroom

Local name: Museum aan de Stroom

Museum aan de Stroom is one of the most recognizable architectural objects in Antwerp - a 60-m tall body whose facade is made of red sandstone and glass. On permanent exhibitions, problem collections are presented, such as "Power" (devoted to exercising power in various parts of the world and in different historical periods) or "Life and Death" (the story of the mystery of death, how it is perceived, and ideas of a "different" world).

The institution opened in 2011 took over the collections of two pre-existing museums - maritime and ethnographic. Currently, the collection has nearly half a million exhibits - about 180 thousand. of them are presented in the form of so-called visible store, i.e. a magazine available for visiting.

The museum can be visited independently using electronic guides, whose descriptions were prepared in five languages. The museum building is a valued vantage point - the city panorama can be admired through the glass walls, and in good weather from the roof.


Attractions inside

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    Hanzestedenplaats 12000 Antwerp , Belgium