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Fashion Museum

Local name: ModeMuseum

ModeMuseum was founded in 1998. It currently has about 30,000 collections. exhibits, including clothes, shoes, hats, laces and many other items of clothing. The costumes collected and presented at MoM are both historical objects related to the history and transformation of clothing in Antwerp, as well as the works of modern designers.

In addition to contemporary and historical clothing, the MoMu collection also includes collections of regional costumes from Kempen in Antwerp, sets of lace and traditional fabrics, as well as numerous tools for the craftsmanship of various wardrobe items.

MoMu is housed in a 19th-century building that once housed the New England clothing store. In 2000, the building was renovated and rebuilt according to the design of Marie-José Van Hee. The architect created, among others a covered passage between Nationalestraat and Drukkerijstraat streets and an impressive staircase made of merbau wood.



Fashion Museum map
Nationalestraat 282000 Antwerp, Belgium