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Called the "winter capital of Poland" Zakopane is the most popular starting point for the highest Polish mountains, the center of the original culture of the Rocky Podhale and the cradle of an architectural style unheard of elsewhere in the world, known as Zakopane. The proximity of the Tatra National Park, specific bustle, unusual music and characteristically decorated traditional costumes are the hallmarks of the highest located city in Poland, to which crowds of mountain tourism, winter sports and folklore come.

Among the countless attractions of the city, you can mention the queue for Kasprowy Wierch and Gubałówka, the Tatra Museum, the Cemetery of Distinguished At Pęksowy Brzyzek, the Witkacy Theater, ski jumps, the monument of Tytus Chałubiński, the promenade of Krupówki and of course incomparable panoramas of the Tatra Mountains. Many interesting cultural events take place here, such as the International Mountain Folklore Festival and Meetings with Mountain Film.

In the nineteenth century, the famous doctor Tytus Chałubiński popularized the beneficial properties of the local climate. Together with the legendary storyteller Jan Krzeptowski-Sabała, the doctor also organized multi-day trips to the Tatras, becoming a precursor of modern mountain tourism. This is where the Tatra Society and Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service was born. The town near Giewont has always attracted artistic elites: according to Witkacy, the local air was saturated with an extremely addictive drug - "Zakopane" ...

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