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number 35 in the city

Gubałówka funicular

Local name: Kolej linowo-terenowa Gubałówka

One of the most popular hills in the Tatras can be reached by cable railway "Gubałówka". It operates throughout the year and attracts tourists visiting Zakopane on Spisko-Gubałowskie Foothills. The "Gubałówka" railway has been used by mountain lovers since 1938.

After renovation, which in 2001 passed the "Gubałówka" cableway, it is one of the most modern railways in Poland. It is also the second railway line in Poland (previously only the "Parkowa" railway in Krynica-Zdrój was installed).

After reaching the summit of Gubalowka, the railway with the same name looks like a wonderful panorama of the Tatra Mountains, located at the foot of Gubałówka Zakopane, as well as Podhale, Pieniny, Gorce and Żywiec Beskids.

At the upper station of the "Gubałówka" cable car there is a ski lift and a ski slope dedicated to winter sports enthusiasts.


Attractions inside

    Gubałówka funicular map
    Na Gubałówkę 34-511 Zakopane , Poland