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Janosikove Diery Gorge

Local name: Jánošíkove Diery

Janosikove Diery is a karst gorge system in Little Fatra Krivanska, in the vicinity of the town of Terchova. Narrow passages hollowed out in limestone rock look like corridors hollowed out in rock. The path leading partly along the ladders and bridges leads along the stream and belongs to the most picturesque corners in this part of Little Fatra.

The name of the gorges comes from the name Janosik, who according to local sources was to be born in Terchova. The word "diera" translates into Polish as "diura". And this is what the gorges in Krivanska Little Fatra look like. Like holes in the rock, behind which there seems to be only solid rock. Meanwhile, subsequent turns lead deeper and deeper into the narrow valley.

Janosikove Diery consists of three gorges lying on different levels of the valley. The Lower Dieries with a footbridge and ladder system and viewpoints are most easily available. Upper Diery is higher, where the trail is much more difficult. The New Diery is one of the branches of the Lower Diers.



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