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Homole Gorge

Local name: Wąwóz Homole

Homole Gully is located in the Small Pieniny and has 800m in length. It's one of the most beautiful natural tourist attractions in the Pieniny which can be seen while walking the green track leading through the gully and other picturesque places. Because of the exceptional natural values of the gully, a natural reserve was established in its area.

Homole Gully is made mostly of limestone, and slate and marlstone here and there. Famous Kamionka Stream, which enchants tourists with its crystal clear water and numerous cascades, flows at the bottom of the gully. The stream causes a deepening of the gully which started to form in the Neogene due to the river's erosion.

Homole Gully is a part of the Homole Reserve Park. Apart from the gully itself, the reserve contains Czajakowa Rock and part of the Koniowski Stream's valley. The reserve was established in 1963. Its area consists of protected plant species such as common ivy, martagon lily or alpine saxifrage.



Homole Gorge map
Wąwóz Homole 34-460 Jaworki, Poland