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The Opolskie Voivodeship, although very attractive in terms of tourism, has not yet been fully discovered by tourists. You can find here one of the most unusual castles in Poland, the Moszna Castle, magnificent monuments from the Piast rule, as well as the famous Mount Saint Anne.

The capital of the province, Opole is often called the City of Songs. The National Song Festival has been taking place here for several decades, and the amphitheater at the Piast Tower is known to most viewers in Poland. The Polish Song Museum has been operating at the amphitheater for several years.

The region's most important city in terms of monuments is Brzeg. There is a Renaissance Castle of the Opole Dukes with a beautiful arcaded courtyard, as well as a richly decorated baroque church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and a well-preserved layout of the former city.

A large part of tourist traffic is concentrated in the area of St. Anne's Mountain. On the one hand, it is an important sanctuary and religious center, on the other, a memorial site dedicated to the victims of the Silesian Uprisings. Saint Anna Mountain is part of the Chełm Massif, where a geopark operates and numerous walking paths and picnic areas are marked out.

One of the most famous monuments of Opole is the castle, or rather the palace in Moszna. Stylized as a medieval, somewhat fairy-tale castle building is today a hotel and entertainment center, in which, among others you can take part in a stay inspired by Harry Potter books.

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