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Castle of Silesian Piasts

Local name: Zamek Piastów Śląskich

The building from the 13th century was the residence of the Silesian Piasts until the 18th century. The castle is sometimes called the Silesian Wawel, because of its resemblance to the Krakow castle and its huge architectural value. Attention is drawn to the cloisters (illuminated after dusk), as well as the castle garden. From the architectural point of view, one of the most important elements of the castle is the entrance gate and the portal above it, which presents sculptures of Polish rulers and Silesian princes.

The Silesian Piast Castle is the seat of the Silesian Piast Museum, where you can learn about the culture and history of the region and the Silesian line of the Piast dynasty. In addition, various cultural events are organized here.

According to legend, the castle is also the home of the ghost of the dog George II, who died unfortunately jumping down from the high galleries.


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