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Town Hall in Namysłów

Local name: Ratusz w Namysłowie

The history of the town hall in Namysłów dates back to the 13th century. The remarkable nature of the building was determined by numerous reconstructions that were carried out in accordance with the then binding styles in architecture. The evolution led from wooden construction, through brick gothic, rebuilding in the Renaissance style, adding baroque elements, to regotization carried out in 2002.

The first wooden building was probably built in the 1880s. A brick, Gothic building was erected in the years 1374-1378. Soon a magnificent 57-meter tower was added. In the following centuries it was crowned with a spherical helmet, characteristic of the Baroque style, covered with copper sheet. In the 15th century, a cloth hall was added to the town hall, which included stalls of bakers and shoemakers. Finally, at the beginning of the 17th century, part of the facade of the Town Hall in Namysłów was rebuilt in the spirit of the Renaissance. At that time, a clock was installed on the tower, which survived until the 1930s. The last stage of changes in the appearance of the town hall in Namysłów was regothisation, which consisted in revealing the original, Gothic shapes of the facade.


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