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Museum of Silesian Piasts

Local name: Muzeum Piastów Śląskich

Located inside: Castle of Silesian Piasts

The museum allows visitors to learn about the culture and art of Silesia and the history of the Silesian line of the Piast dynasty. Most of the exhibits presented are from the 14th-17th century, but some date back to the 13th century. Exhibitions are located in the rooms of the Silesian Piast Castle from the 13th century.

The museum has several permanent exhibitions. The most attracting attention are exhibitions presenting Silesian art, including mainly sculpture and painting, lead sarcophagi of the Legnica-Brest Piasts and medieval tombstones, as well as reconstructions of the Piast armor and dress. Sculptures and portraits of dynasty members, as well as furniture, numismatics and antique documents are a separate exhibition. One of the curiosities is the unique exhibition presenting 200 kerosene lamps manufactured from the second half of the year. XIX to the first half Of the twentieth century. The model presenting Brzeg in the seventeenth century is also worth attention.

The museum has existed since 1952.


Attractions inside

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