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Museum of Gas Industry

Local name: Muzeum Gazownictwa

The Museum of Gas Industry in Paczków is located in the former gasworks. It presents the dynamic exposition of gasworks architecture, production process, souvenirs related to the gas industry, and devices such as gas meters and blowtorches. The museum also provides space for conferences, concerts, and spectacles, and accommodation for tourists.

Opened in 1991, the museum is the only place in Poland with fully preserved machines extracting gas. Its building replaced Paczków Gasworks which provided gas to the city since 1901. The last cart of coke produced in Paczków was put out in 1977. This very cart became one of the objects presented in the exhibitions and the symbol of the development of the gas industry in Opolian Silesia.

Since 2007, the museum also consists of the exhibition and conference center.


Attractions inside

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    Pocztowa 648-370 Paczków , Poland