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Gold Mine

Local name: Kopalnia Złota

The museum is located in the adits of the former gold mine and displays the rich collection of historical souvenirs, including maps and mine plans from the period between 18th and 20th century, old mining and metallurgic tools, mining lamps, minerals, furnaces for gold melting, trolley for transporting ores and other similar display units.

The exhibition is presented in the Gertrud's Adit which is 500m long. The side paths consist of the laboratory of J. Schärfenberg who tried to make the potion of youth for his entire life but created arsenic instead. Another attraction of the museum is the treasury where 1066 gold bars imitate the entire gold which was mined there. Its weight amounts to 16 tons of ore mined throughout 1000 years.

Other attractions are the Adit of Death where visitors can meet the Gnome - special 8-meters slide - and the Black Adit where the only one in Poland 8-meters waterfall is located. Partially flooded paths of the adit can also be explored in the special boat Titanic.


Attractions inside