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Radochowska Cave

Local name: Jaskinia Radochowska

The age of the cave formed in the Pliocene is estimated at 1.6-5 million. It is 265 m long, consisting of one main corridor and several smaller side ones and numerous recesses and chambers. The largest of the chambers, the so-called The Gothic Chamber, in the center, has a karst lake with an area of 30 m2 and a depth of 2 m. The cave is open to the public under the care of professional guides.

The first mention of the Radochowska Cave dates back to 1757. It was called the Radochowska stalactite cave or Stalactite Grotto because of the numerous stalactites. Only severely damaged woolly and cascade formations and remains of stalactites and stalagmites have survived to this day. Before World War II, a watchman's building stood in the vicinity of the cave with a waiting room for visitors, in which an exhibition of paleontological finds was organized. They were stolen in the post-war years, and in the late 1960s a fire destroyed the building.

During the research carried out in 1935, the remains of several different prehistoric animals, including the skull of a cave bear, were found in the cave. Currently, the cave is a wintering ground for numerous bat species, including big rock, brown bat, western mop, late gloom.


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