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Niedźwiedzia Cave

Local name: Jaskinia Niedźwiedzia

Located in the massif of Śnieżnik, Bear Cave is the longest in the Sudetes and one of the most beautiful in terms of speleothems caves in Poland. A total length of halls and passages amounts to over 5km. The cave has several floors. Only the middle is available for sightseeing. It is characterized by an exceptionally attractive and well-preserved speleothems, and high amount of animal bones from the ice age.

Bear Cave was discovered in 1966 and is still not fully charted. The most recent achievement regarding its exploration is the huge Mastodon Hall which discovery required two attempts of speleologists.

The 700-meter tourist track contains exceptionally impressive speleothems and takes about 40min. The track is adapted for disabled people and also allow renting a wheelchair which meets the size requirements. The cave has a low temperature.


Attractions inside

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