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Trail in the clouds

Local name: Stezka v oblacích

The "path in the clouds" is an impressive steel and wood structure with a height of 55 meters. From its peak you can admire the view of Śnieżnik Kłodzki, the valley of the Morava River, the Giant Mountains and the beautiful hills of Jeseniky. Many attractions have been prepared for tourists here, including a dense net sleeve to pass between levels and a slide.

The author of the design is architect Zdeněk Fránek. A gentle approach leads to the top of the structure, you can go down the same path, but for those who like adventure, there is a more than 100-meter slide. There are 12 information boards along the path, from which you can learn many interesting things about the area.

In the immediate vicinity of the "Path in the clouds" there are places perfect for rest and relaxation, including wooden couches, a chalet with a restaurant and a children's playground. You can also use the slackline here , i.e. a tape suspended above the ground for exercising balance.


Attractions inside

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