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Military Museum

Local name: Vojenské muzeum

The Military Museum is located in the very center of the Kralice Fortified Region. Heavy military equipment, armaments and uniforms as well as documents and photos presenting the history of the Czechoslovak and Czech army from 1938 to modern times have been gathered here.

The location of the museum is not accidental. In the years 1935–1935 in the region of Kraliky the largest of the Czech fortifications was created. To this day there are several dozen shelters and bunkers from this period. Some of them are open to the public. The museum presents the changes that have taken place in the arming and uniforming of the Czechoslovak and Czech armies from the time of the Munich Agreement to the accession to NATO. In the years 2009-2010 the museum underwent a major reconstruction becoming the most modern such institution in the Czech Republic.

The museum exhibition consists of several parts. An exhibition on military history can be seen in the exhibition pavilion. There are weapons, uniforms, outfit equipment and personal equipment of soldiers, maps, copies of orders and photographs. At the outdoor exhibition you can admire cannons, howitzers, armored personnel carriers and tanks. The museum also owns a small training ground, where demonstrations of the operation of equipment in the museum are organized.


Attractions inside

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