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Zdrój Wojciech Spa

Local name: Zdrój Wojciech

The unusual sanatorium building is a true architectural gem of Ladek Zdroj. Style refers to the Turkish bath, distinguished by a high domed roof. At present, the building houses a sanatorium and hotel with 36 luxurious guest rooms, treatment rooms and a cozy cafe.

The central point of the neo-baroque building is the marble pool beneath the dome, where you can take a healing bath in thermal water. In the spa part there are still functioning vintage marble bath tubs. The gallery features a pump room where you can sample lachecki specialties. Bathing in the thermal pool is helpful for rheumatic, orthopedic, neurological and many other ailments.

Zdrój Wojciech is a 17th century building that combines the extraordinary architecture and fine finishes of interiors. Neo-Baroque exterior design and equally sublime interior are paradise for the followers of beauty.


Attractions inside

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    Plac Mariański 1357-540 Lądek-Zdrój , Poland