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Marianna Orańska Palace

Local name: Pałac Marianny Orańskiej

In the Lower Silesian village Kamieniec Ząbkowicki rises a magnificent nineteenth-century palace, whose construction was commissioned by the Dutch princess, Marianna Oraska. The building after a thorough renovation works in 2013 has become one of the most beautiful monuments of Lower Silesia.

Marianny Orańska's palace combines neo-gothic and eclectic styles. Its rectangular body is complemented by four corner towers with a height of just over 33 meters. The most impressive features of the palace are the main entrance with stone portal and splendid cloisters.

A defensive wall was built around the palace, complemented by four pairs of towers. Near the wall are historic coaches and stables. At the palace there is also a fountain, which, like the palace, has been made available for tourists to visit.


Attractions inside

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    Zamkowa 957-230 Kamieniec Ząbkowicki , Poland