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Leaning Tower

Local name: Krzywa Wieża

This interesting red brick building with a gable topped with battlements, currently serves as a viewpoint from which you can see the panorama of Ząbkowice and the surrounding area for a small fee. Inside the exhibition is presented: "Medieval Chamber of Torture and Prison in Dungeon Hunger".

The building is located in the city center between historic tenement houses, which emphasize its characteristic deviation from the vertical. The purpose of this extraordinary building is not entirely known, nor is the exact age of its construction. The higher brick part is dated between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, but the lower stone fragment indicates that the first structure stood here before the town was founded.

It is believed that the stone building served as a hunger dungeon without an entrance, in which prisoners were placed climbing the ladder. Another concept is that the construction can be a remnant of the first city gate or former belfry. It is interesting that the Leaning Tower is constantly changing position, since 1977 the heel increased from 1.98 m to 2.14 m.


Attractions inside

    Leaning Tower map
    Świętego Wojciecha 7 Ząbkowice Śląskie , Poland